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Claudia Maina

Luogo di nascita: Arona
Data di nascita: 18/07/1976
vive e lavora a Milano

My work enquire in the relation between the body and the environment.

The body is put in relation to the dimensions of space, time and sound in which it lives. Starting with concepts like repetition and habit, the research shifts on how they act within daily life, influencing the psyche and the way to inhabit the spacial environment. The daily physical relation is constantly confronted with the emotional one, tied to the perception of our body. This generates a definition of the space constructed with a formal relation constantly shifting between equilibrium and obsession.

I use drawing, sculpture, installation and video.

Finestra (Giardino spiaggia)-Window (Garden seaside)_2015

Glass engraving

29 x 42 x 8 cm

This project originated from a research about immobility and the perception of time that results, on waiting and contemplation. The window as separation and edge of vision. In such context glass becomes the tangible element of separation between me and the others, acting almost as a sort of boundary line. At the same time though its transparency allows to see what’s beyond it. Therefore glass contemporaneously carries elements of separation, delimitation and protection.

The window is like a frame and at the same time synonym of wait and meditation.